Renaissance Academy is a thriving charter school serving preschool through eighth grade students in Mt. Pleasant and surrounding communities. There is no tuition charge to attend our school. As a Public School Academy, we receive the same state funding and follow the same state and federal guidelines as traditional public school districts.

Our Mission

The mission of Renaissance Public School Academy is to engage every student in becoming confident, creative, and collaborative builders of their future.

Our Vision

Renaissance students will find their passion to live fulfilled lives and make a difference in the world.

Strategic Pillars

  • Academic Knowledge
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Community Engagement
  • Execution


  • Safety and respect are the foundations for a positive learning environment among all members of our diverse school community.
  • We foster collaboration for students and staff while guiding them to take responsibility for their individual contributions.  
  • We empower our students and staff to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.
  • We engage in rigorous learning opportunities for students to apply in real life experiences.

Annual Education Report

Erin Simon

Preschool Teacher

Jen Binns

Preschool Paraprofessional

Rachel Biedenbender

Kindergarten Teacher

Jason Wilson

Kindergarten Teacher

Kathy Taylor

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

​Candra Cline

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Tina Assmann

Voyager Teacher

Melissa MacLaren

Voyager Teacher

Sharon Schaar

Voyager Teacher

Ashley Brown

Voyager Teacher

Rebecca Flachs

Voyager Paraprofessional

Erin Guillen

Islander Teacher

​Rachel Nemeth

Islander Teacher

Jon Koster

Islander Teacher

Marilyn Lindsay

Islander Teacher

Sandy Ricumstrict

Islander Paraprofessional

Shannon Bartell

​Trailblazer Teacher

Megan Nix

Trailblazer Teacher

Natalie Snyder

Trailblazer Teacher

Brian Whitman

Trailblazer Teacher​

​Brandi Robinson

Trailblazer Paraprofessional

Blake Buzard

Middle School Teacher

Therese Hubbell

Middle School Teacher

Dave McCausey

Middle School Teacher

Megan Liphard

Middle School Teacher

Stephen McConnell

Physical Education Teacher

Christina Zardus

Art Teacher

Joel Wiseman

Music Teacher

Courtney Doyle

Media Specialist

Stephanie Papenfus

Technology Teacher

​Joel Papenfus

Support Staff

Doug Grove


Laura Bailey

Literacy Coach

Sara Egloff

Title I Teacher

Carlee Lazarov

Resource Room Teacher

Jessica Bean

Resource Room Teacher

Sarah Anderson

School Social Worker

Julie Stinson

Speech Teacher

Paula Schafer


Lori Brown

Food Service Coordinator

Brandy Reihl

Business Manager

Tina Singer

Office Professional

Lisa Bergman


Henry Mayer

Curriculum Director

Tara Wesolowski

Cafeteria and After School Care Support Staff

Madison Cummins-Freund

Cafeteria and After School Care Support Staff