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September 15, 2017

Middle School Activities Happening This Year

Lots of engaging activities are happening in Middle School already this year! In ELA we have been looking at how to write an Information paper. We have looked at examples of informative texts and have been practicing how to write an introduction. We have also been making sure to not plagiarize when we use another author’s information. We are also having the 40 book challenge again this year, who will rise to the challenge? Ask your students about what they are reading!

In math classes, they are doing Operations with Positive & Negative Numbers, and solving expressions using PEMDAS. In other math classes they are working on irrational/rational numbers on a number line. Both math classes are trying something new and have a new flipped classroom this year. Ask your students more about it!

In Social Studies, we are focusing on United States History this year. We have started looking at the Constitution and breaking down its meaning. We are also excited to be using part of the We the People curriculum and will eventually be having a mock congressional hearing. Our upcoming field trip to the Hall of Justice in Lansing will show us more about the Constitution and how the Supreme Court in the state of Michigan works. The field trip will take place on September 29, 2017. Students will need to let us know if they need a sack lunch, will bring a lunch or they will need money for the food court.

Our focus in Science these two weeks has been on Atoms and Matter. In class we discuss the scale and the components of an atom. In addition we talked about what is matter and we are conducting a lab titled How to Measure Matter where they find the volume of regular and irregular objects using a graduated cylinder and the mass of items using a triple beam balance.